‘Nice Cream’ – A.K.A. the bomb dessert!


“Nice Cream” for all of us who LOVE dessert and yet… well… care about our health. This is the new fav in the Wang homestead… Nice cream is about enjoying delicious desserts while simultaneously being “nice” to yourself. It of course has no cream, refined sugar or even a hint of dairy… But it does have FLAVOR. You will need a lot of frozen bananas. I suggest buying them in bulk.


We always ask our local market for the nana’s that ‘wont sell’ because they are so brown. They usually give us an insane discount and waa laa… we have a dessert for about .50 cents. I hope you have such luck too. In order to prep for this upcoming week of nice cream recipes, I suggest you peel those nannies and freeze them so that when the urge comes upon you, you won’t have to resist!

So stay tuned this week for FIVE creative and delicious ‘nice cream’ recipes! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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