Cherry-chip ‘nice cream’


In honor of my sweet momma, introducing the cherry-chip ‘nice cream’! She loves Ben n’ Jerry’s version of this delicious ice-cream so we were determined to replicate it… we did not hit the mark perfectly BUT for making a delicious cherry-chip dessert without any added fat, dairy or refined sugar, it is pretty darn good! Much like the mango ‘nice cream’ this is pretty close to a sorbet. Hope you enjoy! I love you mom.



2 cups frozen cherry-berry blend (trader joes) (all frozen cherry’s would be delicious!)
1 peeled and frozen banana
2 ice cubes
2/3 cups coconut milk (any milk will do)
squirt of agave
2 teaspoons chocolate chips (or more… I mean… really)


Blend all the ingredients and enjoy! Note: We add the chocolate chips at the very end of the blending process so that there are small chunks. Top with more chocolate if you so desire!


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