the week of smoothies aka wellness in a glass!


One pro about starting your day with a smoothie is that it gives your digestive track a longer vacation from having to work hard first thing in the morning. Which of course allows all that energy to go to I don’t know… work, kids, a run… all of them? These nutrient dense glasses of wellness give you energy that last all morning long without feeling sluggish.

We decided to try a five-day, ‘smoothie challenge’. While we love smoothies…it has not been our household routine to always start the day with one. But with the warmer months approaching we figured that this little challenge would ensure that we gain five new healthy smoothies to choose from and of course share with you all. We will have a variety of smoothies, some more “intense” (aka greener) than others…So lets begin the challenge! We would love to hear from you if you have a ‘go to’ smoothie! Please share in the comments!

Check back each day for a new variation of “wellness in a glass”

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